Even Celebrities Have First Tweets

First tweets are stressful.

First tweets are stressful. Everyone wants to find the perfect 140 characters—something carefully written, deeply valuable and overflowing with wisdom.

Unfortunately, most first tweets are lame. Celebrity tweets aren’t amazing either, but because they’re celebrities everything they say is inherently amusing. And their first tweets? Why, they’re vintage!

Here’s a list of 10 celebrity first-tweets that will be collector’s items in 60 years.

50 Cent (@50cent)

I was also going to post his dog’s first tweet, but it was inappropriate. Oprah Winfree swears just as much as her owner.







Hanson (@hansonmusic)

Remember these chicks? Err…guys? Of course you do—you’re just afraid to admit their logo blew your mind. Apparently they’re still making music.









Ellen DeGeneres (@theellenshow)

I expected a lot from Ellen’s first tweet, and it didn’t disappoint. Best first tweet ever.










Sesame Street (@sesamestreet)

When I was of Sesame Street age, I could barely figure out the remote control. Now they expect kids to go on Twitter? Either kids are learning to read at a freakishly young age, or their tweets are for their own personal amusement.

sesame street









Rebecca Black (@rebeccablack)

Last Friday I couldn’t stand Rebecca Black. But after reading her first tweet, I gained a teeny bit of respect for her. Me so excited for a girl who can make fun of herself.












Snooki (@Sn00ki)

Snooki, the queen of one-liners, was made for Twitter. Her account is like “Snooki’s Greatest Hits,” minus the smushing.







MC Hammer (@MCHammer)

I wouldn’t recognize this guy if he walked past me in the street, but his pants will be forever ingrained in my memory. Thank you, MC Hammer.











Hugh Hefner (@HughHefner)

If this tweet came from anyone else, people would assume Crystal, Karissa, Kristina, Hope, Jayde and Brittany are the names of dogs. Then the person would be labeled as a creepy dog dude and immediately unfollowed.











Stephen Harper (@pmharper)

I don’t have much to say about this, except that it’s exactly what I expected.








Antoine Dodson (@antoinedodson24)

Right now, Antoine Dodson has 31,225 followers. Make that 31,226. I just followed him. Who wouldn’t follow the Bed Intruder guy?