Father’s Week: The Best 2014 Father’s Day Campaigns

Best Father's Day campaigns of 2014

There are Father’s Day campaigns of every style: funny, serious, thankful, touching. Although most of them are about getting Dad a gift, some of them go a bit further. 2014 has plenty of interesting Father’s Day campaigns, so let’s have a look at those we liked the best.

1. Father’s Day Surprise–West Jet

If you liked the tear-jerking Christmas Miracles campaign from WestJet, then you’re in luck: the Canadian airline has outdone itself again with its Father’s Day Surprise video:

If you’ve ever flown with WestJet, you know how much they take pride in their exceptional customer service. Medel, the CSA who takes Marc’s job for the time of his visit, really goes above and beyond the call of his duty. This video not only demonstrates that, but it also shows how much dads are needed by their families. It’s full of heart and makes me believe that companies can make a real, life-changing difference in people’s lives. In this case, WestJest shows once again that it’s a lot more than an airline: it brings families togethers.

2. #ByeByeDadJeans–Combatant Gentlemen

This relatively new men’s fashion company is making a splash with its digital campaign aiming to help dads get rid of their 1980s acid wash Levi’s. The contest: post photos of terrible dad jeans on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #ByeByeDadJeans. The prize: a pair of modern, fashionable jeans.

This is a classic example of a silly campaign that taps into one of our greatest interest: what other people wear. It spreads awareness of the brand and shares the values of the company: good fashion with a light tone. No serious dads admitted!

Want to see an example of bad dad jeans?

Which one is the worst offender?

3. Father’s Day Gif Registry–Fruit of the Loom

Animated GIFs: they’re everywhere (especially Tumblr), they’re funny and they’re easily shareable. Fruit of the Loom launched its GIF voucher campaign through the microsite Start Happy.

Okay, seriously. What’s not to love about this GIF? Dads love bacon!

The GIFs serve as “vouchers” for something nice for Father’s day: spending the day in your underwear, eating bacon in bed, controlling the remote, etc. It’s too cool not to share with dad! At the same time, Fruit of the Loom is collecting email addresses for its newsletter list. Smart!

Did you see something cool?

Did you see a cool Father’s Day campaign this year that you’d like to share with us? Tell us what we’ve missed!

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