The Top 10 Travel Apps You Shouldn’t Be Without

Need to find a decent restaurant in an airport, directions to your hotel or a bathroom that won’t ruin your trip? Here are ten travel apps designed to make your journey a pleasant one.

Need to find a decent restaurant in an airport, directions to your hotel or a bathroom that won’t ruin your trip? Here are ten travel apps designed to make your journey a pleasant one.

product hero iphone4 - Stikky MediaGate Guru
Gate Guru’s detailed airport maps save you from the pain of going through the security line hungry, only to find the only restaurant on the other side is a vending machine. It has a simple search engine for foods, shops and services that gives you real-time ratings, reviews and photos. The app also has some Foursquare-esque features—if you submit enough reviews, you can become the “Captain” of the airport.

If you’re traveling by air, you need this one. Track every aspect of your flight, including delays, cancellations and gate changes for over 5000 airports and 1400 airlines. Upgrade to FlightTrack Pro and you can automatically sync with your TripIt itinerary.

Simply enter your location and the app will find the closest, cleanest bathroom. With over 100,000 user-rated toilets worldwide, you’ll have no problem finding a pleasant spot to do your business. Even if you don’t have to go, it’s fun (in a weird sort of way) to browse toilets in foreign cities.

Jibbigo is a speech translator: you speak a sentence and the app speaks it back in a different language. It has state of the art voice recognition technology, natural voice output, a vocabulary of over 40,000 words and won’t cost you roaming charges. If you’re worried about embarrassing and inaccurate translations, don’t be. Jibbigo shows the recognition and translation on the screen, so you can be sure it heard you correctly.

Free Wi-Fi
Use this app to find almost 300,000 free Wi-Fi spots in over 140 countries. Search by location, provider type and free vs paid and get contact details and directions. You can also download the entire hotspot directory for offline use.

Google Earth
Words cannot describe how amazing it is to travel with map that actually looks like the real world. You can explore the world in 3-D, zoom to your current location, view layers of geographical information and search for local businesses.

Eventful allows you to see what’s happening near you, wherever you are in the world. Choose from millions of concerts, clubs, festivals, movies, plays, family events and more. You can also “demand” that your favourite performers come to town (Eventful claims that over 100,000 performers decide where to appear using “Demand It”). In case you’re wondering, Justin Bieber is most demanded in New York.

Good-bye, calling cards. Make free Skype-to-Skype calls from anywhere in the world, use Pay As You Go credit to call and text phones, or purchase a landline subscription. You can also send multiple instant messages at once, just as you could with the original program.

WorldMate synchronizes your entire business itinerary with your mobile device, including meetings, flights, hotels, car rentals and more. It’s easy to share with your colleagues or assistant and everything is shown in the destination time-zone. If you’re serious about travel, upgrade to WorldMate Gold for automatic flight alerts, alternate flight suggestions and email customer support.

Paper Toss
If you need to kill some time, Paper Toss is the way to do it. All you have to do is toss wadded up paper in a garbage can while taking an electric fan into account. It’s addictive and wonderful. Get it now.