Your Friday Reading List: All About Email Marketing

On this week’s reading list: Email marketing, email marketing and more email marketing.

Stikky Reading List Friday June 20 Email Marketing

This week was a newsletter week and so it got me thinking about email marketing, how it works, and how to make it better and more effective. Here are some good reads I found about that topic.

First, some technical information: if you’re sending emails from your company but NOT from your company’s server, your email may not be getting delivered at all. Business2Community explains what’s at stake.

If you have really big email lists, you will probably be more successful in your campaigns if you have some kind of segmentation. Since everyone is interested in different things, a single email blast to your entire list might not be the best way to go. GetResponse has a great introduction to segmentation that you should read.

Next, Marketing Profs provides some enlightening data about promotional emails in the hands of mobile consumers. Irrelevant content is the most frequent irritant, and a familiar sender is what prompts most of them to open emails.

But how do you create an effective and engaging email strategy? Constant Contact has an easy 4-step guide based on an effective campaign done by an animal shelter.

Finally, Vertical Response has some tips and ideas to help you refresh your email marketing if it has become a little stale. Nothing like a new punchy subject line to reignite those open rates!

That’s our 5 choice reads for the week. Is there anything we missed? Any lingering questions? Something you’d like us to feature next week?


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